We asked our MPE teachers what 1:1 technology could do for their students.

"Students who struggle with reading experience anxiety when handed a book. Their experience tells them that the task is going to be difficult and they often feel it isn’t worth trying. Most students, however, have experienced a feeling of achievement on an electric device at one time or another. As a teacher, I’ve seen little to no visible apprehension when a child is handed an iPad. These electronic devices are filled with resources for the student who is looking for answers, they offer assistance to the student who needs help and they open up a world of possibilities to non or struggling readers of any age.Individual classroom devices work well in an individualized learning environment. Students can work at various paces and these devices target multiple learning styles."
Sherri Beckwith
2nd grade teacher
"1:1 devices will improve student learning substantially. The students will have the ability to access online learning tools at anytime without a waiting period. 1:1 devices will increase student achievement by allowing access to word processing, research, reading, and math skills. 1:1 devices will make our lives better by not having to log in and out of accounts on shared devices. It will also eliminate the scheduling of devices times for each student. The students will be more responsible for their own online learning and practice using digital tools at their own pace. And...Chromebooks are AMAZING!"
Erin Clarke
5th grade teacher
“Fulton County Schools has already invested in Office 365 for all students. Unfortunately, when students don’t have 1:1 device access, it makes using the tool difficult because students forget to log off and wind up using each other’s accounts. Office 365 on a 1:1 device allows our students to use FORMS for testing, Outlook for email, NOTEBOOK as an online notebook so they never lose their notes, ONE DRIVE for all of their files, and SWAY, POWERPOINT, and WORD for class assignments. Students can send work directly to their teachers without having to troubleshoot shared ipads and constantly swap out accounts. This is especially problematic when trying to use FORMS. With 1:1 devices, teachers can take assessments from within OFFICE 365 and have immediate data that can then be shared, stored, or converted into graphs. Not only would 1:1 be easier for the students, it would allow teachers to deliver and collect student material digitally, thus requiring less time and loss of student material.”
Ms. J.
Media Specialist