How is the MPE Foundation different from the MPE PTA?

The MPE Foundation was formed to provide an additional source of flexible funding to support initiatives in the school’s strategic plan. The first priority for the foundation will be to increase access to technology to a 1:1 ratio for students. This will be accomplished through an annual Blue Jean Ball fund raiser, sponsorships by businesses, grants, donations from families, and corporate matching. The MPE PTA is critical to the life of the school.  The PTA raises significant funds through the Holiday Extravaganza and uses that money to support all areas of school life, including academic resources,  cultural arts, field trips, teacher grants, staff appreciation, and many other initiatives. The PTA also organizes events that are central to the experience of students and families: open house, fall family fun night, spring fling, the musical, science expo, etc.

What will the funds be used for?

The first priority of the Foundation is to achieve 1:1 access to technology.  Fulton County Schools provides 10 devices per thirty students.  Increasing the number of devices will allow for more flexible use. Right now teachers must coordinate across several classrooms to have enough devices for a whole-class activity or testing. This will make it easier for all students in a class to be working on the same assignment on the devices at the same time.  It will also reduce the need for students to log in and out of devices between users, making it easier to use the devices for work through programs like Office 360.

Where can I donate?

Please send a check to the school in an envelope addressed to Mountain Park Elementary Foundation or make a donation right here on our web site.

Can I get involved?

Yes, please do!  Help is needed to secure donations of food, beverages, and raffle prizes for the Blue Jean Ball.  We also need more parents to represent the Foundation at events where we can spread the word about what we are doing and accept donations.  We meet about once per month.  Email to volunteer.  Thank you!